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My Weight loss Transformation Journey

My name is Bobbi-Jo. I am a busy wife & mum to 3 young girls and I am a Fitness Professional. I own and operate Follow Me 2 Fitness - a private fitness studio located in Bray Park specializing in Personal Training. I also offer Group Training & Boxing Classes from Lawnton State School.

I have previously worked with both men & women, children & teens, the older generation, people with disabilities and special needs. My vision is to bring fitness to everybody - any age, any ability, any goal!

Fitness can change your life, how do I know this? 
Because fitness changed mine!!
Growing up I was always bigger than my peers, I was the kid who sat everything out and never felt comfortable in my body. I have always struggled with my weight but back in 2009 I tipped the scale at 114kg, aged 22. I was beyond unhappy, everyday was a struggle just to get out of bed. I couldn't find any clothes to fit, I couldn't reach my toes, I had trouble getting myself up off the couch and sad to say I had actually broken a few chairs in my time (like something you'd see in a movie!) Finally, the moment that I knew I had to change - a plane ride. I flew to Melbourne, I could barely fit down the aisle and forget about going to the toilet! I was given a seat belt extension as the standard belt did not fit. I felt humiliated, not just for myself but for my family too. Little by little I started making changes, healthy choices and adapting a positive mindset. I was desperate to just be under 100kg - that was my first goal. I continued to reassess my goals as I reached each one. With consistency, determination & persistence I reached my ultimate goal of 60kg! In total I lost 56kg, reaching 58kg in 2011. (I was left with a lot of excess skin on my abdomen which I had surgically removed in 2013) 

During my journey I developed a passion for health & fitness. I saw first hand how this lifestyle could transform lives - not only mine but also people close to me. In 2014 I enrolled at the Australian Institute of Fitness completing my Master Trainer Certification. I also obtained a diploma in Business. After graduating in July 2014 I wasted no time and jumped straight into training people in the local park! I have slowly expanded my facility along the way, and now train out of a fully equipped massive shed! I have created an atmosphere of empowerment and positivity that promotes healthy lifestyle and is impacting the lives of many! The first step is often the hardest, lets take it together.
It's time to throw away your excuses! 
You don't have time? MAKE time!

You can't afford it? Go for a walk - it's FREE!
Don't know how to get started? ASK for help!
Fitness has given me so much, my family so much. Let me show you what fitness can give to you! What have you got to lose? Get out of your comfort zone, see what you can achieve and do something your future self will thank you for.
It won't be easy - but it will be worth it!

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