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Jeffrey has done 2 Challenges with us now. One just before Christmas 2018, and one at the start of 2019.

He started his first challenge at 120.7kg, and he finished his second challenge at 100.6kg!!!



Check out some of Jeffrey's other results:

👍Skeletal Muscle mass up by almost 1kg.

👍Total Body Fat mass down by 21kg!!

👍His Body Fat % has come down to 21.5%, from 42.6% - THAT'S ALMOST HALVED!

👍He lost an incredible 10.4kg of fat from his trunk.

👍He shed 27.3cm off his abdomen, and 8.3cm off his hips.

👍His waist to hip ratio used to be a dangerous 1.06 and is now within the healthy range at 0.90 (healthy range is 0.80-0.90 for a male)

👍Visceral Fat Improved by 10! <---a very important measurement

👍 All of Jeffrey's fitness tests have come leaps and bounds as you would imagine, but his most impressive results would have to be a 16min 43sec Wall Sit, and his Beep test now sits at level 10.

Jeffrey has also started parkrunning, his current pb is 25:26.







You will now find him on weekends climbing mountains or clocking up 20,000-30,000 steps trail walking!
He recently signed up for a 100km walk from Mt Glorious to Mt Cootha over 3 days, to raise money for OXFAM.

When I asked Jeffrey what he has liked most about coming to training he said:
"The things I enjoy most about coming to training is the encouragement and push that you get from Bobbi to reach your goal. The awesome atmosphere that she has created from the minute you get there till when you leave is 100% awesome everyone that does the sessions makes you feel welcome and make the session enjoyable to come to each day."

Jeffrey first started out not really knowing much about fitness, and what he was capable of. Jeffrey is like a new man. He has more energy, he is stronger, he is fitter, he has more confidence - HE IS MOTIVATED AND HE IS DETERMINED!

I am happy and so proud to say that Jeffrey is now a front runner in the gym, setting the pace and example for others to follow, and sharing his motivation and encouraging others reach their goals too.

This Journey has been life changing for Jeffrey, and also for me as a trainer. To see the massive lifestyle change, to have improved someones quality of life - that's why I got into this industry! It makes me so happy to have been a part of Jeffrey's Journey (even though I give him shit in the gym)

Keep up the AMAZING work Jeffrey!! Your going to do great things, I am very proud of you and can't wait to see what the future brings.🌟

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