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"Bobbie, you are the reason I turn up for my sesh every week. I are an awesome motivator and I thank you. I never thought I would say it, but I actually enjoy exersising and it's all because of you."

Rebecca, Client

“Inspirational personal trainer, first hand experience, friendly and fun :)"
Kelly, Client​

“Bobbi is an awesome trainer. She knows when to push and when to back off. She is flexible. Bobbi is inspiring, honest, realistic. Training sessions are not boring with a variety of training aids and works well with whatever your ability/level of fitness.”​
Lee-Anne, Client​

"So Far I've had 3 PT sessions, I absolutely enjoy going each week, it's tough, but looking forward to the end result! Bobbie-Jo makes it worth while, has a great, friendly attitude which makes it easy to keep on at it! I'm glad I chose Follow Me 2 Fitness to work on my goals!"

Rachel, Client

“I always enjoy work outs at Follow me 2 fitness, Bobbi is an awesome PT, the program is varied and open to suggestions and the price is very reasonable! Love it!"
Elizabeth, Client​

“I must say its a love hate relationship! The classes and Bobbie are amazing! Im literally sweating my ass off! Ive lost about 4kg already and i only started 5 days ago. I feel like im going to die after every class! But it's all worth it! Affordable and quality classes and PT! Can't wait to see my results at the end of the 10 week challenge!.”​
Jade, Client

“Bobbi is one amazing women, 
Finally a PT trainer who is also a great friend. Someone who use to be where I am today and she has accomplished her dream to be fit and healthy but best of all helping others such as myself and my friends. I see Bobbi 2 days a week. Mentally and physically i feel 100% better then i use too!! Thanks Bobbi! Xoxoxo your amazing.

Tia, Client​

“Bobbi is an amazing trainer, very down to earth and relatable. Affordable pricing too"
Katie, Client​

"Welcome to Bobbi's house of pain. If you have a goal you want to achieve Bobbi will help you get there but you need to want it just as much. This lady will hurt you but in a caring way & she will give you the results you want to achieve if you want to achieve them. She has help me in body & soul..."

Brett, Client



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